Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh Boy

We found out we are expecting a boy in May! I was happily surprised. How can you be surprised, you ask? It turned out to be one of the two genders, and it is human. A real surprise would be, "Congratulations, he's a handsome little duckling." I was surprised because I just had a feeling it would be a girl. Plus, since I only have a sister and never grew up with boys in the house, even the fact that we have one boy is still amazing. I'm excited for Isaiah to have a brother so close in age.

Isla's reaction was a little different. Since she found out there was a baby in here, she has been calling it a she. She has been picking out girly outfits. She had been coming up with her favorite girl names. She has been dreaming about what she and her sister could do together. When I told her it was a boy, it's almost like she went through the five stages of grief.

A: Isla, I found out something very important about this baby today. We found out that it is a baby boy!
I: (With a smirk that says, "You're telling a funny joke.") Noooo. It's a sister!
A: Actually it's a boy. We have pictures.
I: Well, it's hard to see in there. It's all black and gray. Maybe it's a girl.
A: Nope, it's a boy.
I: Well I DON'T WANT ANOTHER BABY ISAIAH! Maybe we can just get a girl instead.
A: Well, we really can't change it. It's just going to come out and it will be a boy.

She then forlornly goes back to doing puzzles. I don't hear anything from her for another 10 minutes.

I: Well, we will see when he comes out of the cracks in your belly. (Stretch marks, I am pretty sure).

So she has definitely gone through the first four stages. When she gets to acceptance, I will let you know. Unless planning for the 4th baby to be a female counts as acceptance?

UPDATED: We finally got our scanner to cooperate and I changed the picture to my favorite one. He looks so cozy in there.


  1. That's like the best ultrasound photo I've ever seen! A boy--how exciting! Thanks so much for visiting us. We love you guys!!!

  2. Congratulations! We're really excited for you guys! I love the story of Isla, "No. It's a sister!" haha. That's awesome!