Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dizzy Spells

Isla's Neurology Consult

We went to see the pediatric neurologist today about Isla's dizzy spells. We went to our regular doctor on Saturday, they called us yesterday (Monday) to set up the referral and they saw us today (Tuesday). It was all set up pretty quickly so I didn't have much time before the appointment to stew and worry over it, but last night I was very anxious. I even shed a few nervous tears and said some extra prayers last night. The fact that we stayed up until midnight to watch our secret obsession, Glass House, probably didn't help my emotions or nerves. I was overtired and over anxious and that means tears. But the tears made Brett realize how worried I was, and I got him to take a half day and come with us to Kaiser.

I had set up babysitting for Isaiah with Jane Colton. I hate to ask her to do stuff for me because she is so busy, but she is a real friend so I ask anyway. This morning, Brett got me out of bed by asking me to answer a knock at my door. It was my mom. She was worried about everything too and decided to come over to help watch Isaiah. She texted me at 6, didn't I get the text? No. I am so glad she came. I love when she can hang out with the kids, and I didn't have to worry about Isaiah making Jane's day harder. Even with my mom's demanding job she manages to find time to help us when we need her. When I got home she had even swept, made our beds, and found our camera's lens cap that had been missing for two weeks! I love my mom, she is such a big help.

Anyway, we made it to the doc. She did a thorough neuro exam and ordered an MRI, which I will post about after it happens. The doc basically said Isla had "benign paroxysmal vertigo." She said that migraines in young children present as vertigo, and that Isla is likely to have migraines when she hits age 9 or 10. That is a bummer, but I'm glad it isn't anything more. All I need is a clear MRI and then I can stop worrying. She also mentioned that had Isla had more white patches on her skin (she has a big white patch birthmark on her back and buttocks) then she would suspect tuberous sclerosis. Of course we web-MDed it and the white patches look totally different than what Isla has, so it's not that.

Anyway, that was our uneventful doc appt. I am glad that isn't more to report.


Isla's MRI results came back normal. I'm happy there isn't anything structurally wrong, and I just hope she grows out of it and it never happens again. My mom told my grandma what was happening with Isla's dizzy spells, etc., and apparently both my mom and grandma used to have unexplained dizzy spells when they were young children. Neither me nor my mom knew anything about that. They both grew out of it, and neither of them have migraines now. 

 She cried a bit after coming out of anesthesia, but after a parade to the recovery area (where she got to practice her princess wave) and a popsicle, all was well.

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