Monday, July 9, 2012

Tampa Trip

In May, we were lucky enough to visit the Archibalds in Tampa before they moved. (They are now living in Spokane, so now we get to visit them there sometime!) It was fun to hang out with the boys. They are hilarious. The weather was warm and beautiful, the beaches were clean with sand like powdered sugar, and "Harry Potter Land" in Orlando was nerdy fun for Brett and me. 

Ok, I know that giant turkey legs are readily available at most theme parks, but these were MAGICAL giant turkey legs from Hogsmeade. And the Butterbeer. Oh the Butterbeer. It's like creamy butterscotch soda. Pumpkin juice was ok too, a little strong for my taste.

The Three Broomsticks

It rained really hard for about 30 minutes, but it was still warm.

Hogwarts + Butterbeer

The kids went for a walk to a little park close by.  

Looks pretty happy for a kid about to be eaten by an alligator.

Alligator face.

St. Petersburg

We sure miss the Archibalds and hope to visit again sometime soon.

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  1. i miss you guys! i have been reading your blog for like the last hour at work. haha. we need to get together soon!!!

    P.S. smokin' swim suite! ;)