Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hooray, A Birthday!

Isaiah turned one last Monday, and we had his birthday party at Grandma/Grandpa Singley's. The Jellings, Bouchas, and Dorotheos came over for swimming, cake, and general bedlam. It was a lot of fun. 

One point that made the party particularly fun for me as a host, was that pretty much everything was store-bought and low-stress. For Isla's first birthday, I pulled out all the stops - everything was homemade and cutesy and perfect, and I was stressed and didn't really enjoy myself. Not this time, thanks to Target, Sam's Club, and grand and great-grand parents.

Maybe it isn't fit for Pinterest, but Isaiah loved it. Especially the balloons. 
Ok, maybe we did make one thing, and it will probably be this way for every birthday since we have celiacs in our midst. Susan baked, I decorated. Here is the progression of Pooh (gluten-free):

I may have made a little mistake by not checking the Wilton icing tubes before I used them on the cake. Turns out the black and the red were not GF. Did I feel stupid? Yes. Susan tried to make me feel better by pointing out that the icing was so dry that they could probably just peel it off, and at least I had checked the label before somebody ate it. Nobody got sick, thankfully.

Isaiah and the other kids loved Grandpa's pool. It's amazing how kids can just jump into a cold pool and enjoy themselves. It took me at least ten minutes to get in completely, and I was only that quick because kids and adults (Kyle J) were lining up behind me on the ladder telling me to move it.

Will you look at that cake? We thank my mom and the fine people at Sam's for that beauty. We only ended up working our way through the cupcakes on the outside. We still have the main cake in the freezer. I am personally planning on eating it sometime, but I need to get over the idea of eating my son's face first.

At first Isaiah didn't really get what the fuss was all about (ok, I don't think he really ever got it). He didn't get the singing and was weary of the cake, but once he tried it, he decided it wasn't bad. 

My parents arrived with a huge load of presents, some of which were bigger than Isaiah.

Brett and I gave him something he has had his eye on for a long while, I think:

All-in-all, a fun party for a fun one-year old. Happy Birthday, Isaiah!

Number 1!

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  1. (Meg's dad here). Great post. What a party! He is a real cutie! Happy birthday, Isaiah.