Sunday, August 26, 2012

Turning 26

It was actually MY birthday even though it seems like Isaiah is the only one eating.
Brett and the kids made me cupcakes and sang happy birthday. We had no candles so we improvised by lighting toothpicks on fire. That night was the adult session of stake conference. We had no babysitter but Brett had to sing, so he went while I stayed home. I ended up watching Pretty Little Liars by myself. This may sound sort of pathetic but I thought it was great to sit around and watch TV by myself. I get so little alone time these days. When he got back I re-watched the episode with him. An easy, low stress, great birthday I have to say. The weekend after we went to Dave and Busters and then watched The Dark Knight Rises. Oh, and I bought my customary presents for myself and put Brett's name on them. He really is the best gift-giver. He (I) got me a key necklace that has a the month of August with a crystal on the 18th to mark our anniversary, and a dress from Shabby Apple. Susan gave me some funds to go toward quilting, so fun. 

I'd say a pretty great 26th birthday. I have a great husband and great kids, family and friends who love me, the true gospel in my life, and most of all, Facebook friends who said happy birthday (haha). A good place to be by age 26.

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